Scan technology is a crucial component of any practice, but the ability to communicate the results in patient friendly terms is what matters most! Each folder is 9″x12″ and now in portrait format.
Each of inside panels each have a tape strip along the top edges, which allows you to easily show previous and current scans side-by-side to track and communicate their progress. Tape the previous scan on the left, and the current scan on the right to compare progress!

Folders feature…
  • Front cover: New brain and road map image helps express the importance of neurology and chiropractic.
  • Inside of folder: The modern folders feature two strips of tape along the top edge to hold their previous and current scan results next to each other for comparison purposes. Below that, the “Types of Changes Seen on Your Scans” helps explain the six most common results found in patient-friendly terms so that you can help your patients understand their progress.
  • Back cover: Includes education, space for patient health goals, and your customized care recommendations.

Sold in 50-packs of folders.

Additional information

Weight 3.15 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 8.625 × 1.1875 in

7 reviews for Progress Exam Folders

  1. Dr. Travis Elsass (verified owner)

    Very nice way to professionally give an update on progress scan. Love these.

  2. David Turner (verified owner)

    Very informational, patients love this folder

  3. Dana Huebner (verified owner)

    Makes reporting back to patients their progress scans easy and with a folder of information we can include other handouts and follow up recommendations that are written out for patients without just telling them and hoping they remember everything.

  4. Andy K (verified owner)

    Seriously make sharing progress so simple and easy! Don’t attempt explaining scans without it 🙂 We don’t!!

  5. Doug (verified owner)

    The progress exam folder provides a seamless clean and modern middle step from the first ROF folder to finishing ultimately with the transition to wellness folder!

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    We use these folders regularly and like everything about it. The design is perfect. The sticky strips keeps our scans clean and looking professional, and our patients seem to really appreciate them. We won’t get anything different!

  7. Josh (verified owner)

    Great way to help update patient’s on their progress and send them home with something nicer than just printed out scans! Highly recommend, great quality product for the price!

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