Scanning technology is a crucial component of any practice, but the ability to communicate the results in patient friendly terms is what matters most! Each folder is approximately 9″x12″ and in portrait format for your printed scans.

The two inside panels each have a double-sided tape strip along the top edges, which allows you to easily show previous and current scans side-by-side to track and communicate their progress. Tape the previous scan on the left, and the current scan on the right to compare progress! (If you have multi-page scans, a stapler also works well!)

Folders feature…

  • Front cover: INSiGHT Media Scan Man design
  • Inside of folder: Folders feature two strips of tape along the top edge to hold both previous and current scan results next to each other for comparison purposes. Below that, the “Types of Changes Seen on Your INSiGHT Scans” helps explain the three most common results found in patient-friendly terms so that you can help your patients understand their progress.
  • Back cover: Includes sample scans, intro to Function vs. Feeling, and space for your care recommendations.

Available in 50-packs of folders.

Additional information

Weight 3.15 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 8.625 × 1.1875 in
Pack Size


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