Our core posters all feature modern styles that are designed to help meet your patients where they’re at by teaching them to understand in clear terms how their individual history relates to their current symptoms and conditions. Once the patient understands how they’ve been “stuck on the gas” – the design flows directly into the chiropractic solution, or “pumping the brakes” via specific chiropractic adjustments.

  • Modern – We’ve introduced new imagery and an improved design to ensure a fresh look for those that appreciate the familiar.
  • Organic – This new style features a contemporary color palette that seamlessly fits into a more neutral practice aesthetic.

All designs are also available in 100-packs of patient education handouts.

Additional information

Weight .1313 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 3 in

Modern, Organic

4 reviews for Gas Brake Posters

  1. Angela (verified owner)

    Having this analogy on the wall of every room serves as a great visual that is able to be explained much easier! It is easy for our patients to “get the big picture” when we use the “gas v. brake” analogy!

  2. drkevinmcdade (verified owner)

    Nice poster that clearly contrasts the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In a black frame, the colors really pop. It’s crisp, professional and accurate.

  3. Kevin S.

    This is such a great visual for our practice members! And the “gas/brake” analogy is so easy for them to understand and make relevant. This poster is great!

  4. spinalman073 (verified owner)

    These products are a life saver for anyone who uses the dysafferentation model in their office. These products allow me to clearly and visually show patients the life changing material that Dr. Chestnut teaches. Its refreshing to have clean and easy to understand material not based on the bone on nerve model. Thanks!

    Dr. Josh

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