The best-selling handout in chiropractic just got another update! Use this popular handout to educate your patients about the vital connection between their central nervous system and health.

The layout and flow of the design helps you easily and effectively educate patients about the importance of the CNS and how the control and coordination of tissues, organs and glands are directly related to the symptoms/conditions a patient may be experiencing.

  • Modern – We’ve introduced new imagery and an improved design to ensure a fresh look for those that appreciate the familiar.
  • Organic – This new style features a contemporary color palette that seamlessly fits into a more neutral practice aesthetic.
  • Classic – Our original Neuro Fuse Handouts are still available — but only while supplies last!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in

Modern, Organic

23 reviews for Neuro Fuse Handouts (NEW!)

  1. Austin Ray

    We love these for patient educational and the bright colors really help it stand out.

  2. Mark dvorak (verified owner)

    This is my favorite educational tool in the office. I wish I had it hung up in every room! So many patients are in awe of how intricate the nervous system is and this poster/handout is a great way to educate and show the root cause of people’s health concerns. We always have people asking for more handouts to share with loved ones. It is a must have in the office.

  3. Dr. Savy Ford (verified owner)

    These are perfect to utilize during our ROFs for every age. We’ve been using them the last 7 years and won’t go back!

  4. Vikki (verified owner)

    We love using the informational sheets by Well Aligned. They are very informative and professionally done. Our new patients love them as well.

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    We love this especially for our older population. We can show them their laundry list of dysfunction and bring them right back to the nervous system in short order. We use the poster as well for those tableside reconnection conversations.

  6. Dr Kristen Zawada (verified owner)

    We use this handout in every new patients report as well as the huge poster versions in our exam and report rooms. It really helps open peoples minds to how and what makes them work…AND reminds them of other things they experience that they fail to mention otherwise. A Must have.

  7. Doug (verified owner)

    My practice wouldn’t be the same without well aligned!

  8. Sandra Caldero (verified owner)

    The SPANISH Form – Neurofusion: Los Afectos de la Subluxacion is AWESOME! FINALLY something in Spanish for our community. You should sell these in ETSY.

  9. Jade Meylor (verified owner)

    Our Patients love these easy to read hand outs, definitely recommend!

  10. Maria Scarano (verified owner)

    Love my neuro handouts – a staple in my ROF folder!

  11. Bryan Andreas (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping!

  12. Lisa Berry

    Awesome chart! Patients love this!

  13. nathan

    These handouts are brilliant! They make the explanation that much better because they have the visual in front of them and then can take it home and even hang it on their fridge! Thanks!

  14. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Such a POWERFUL handout. Every new member gets one of these. We show them where they have subluxation and exactly what can happen if they are subluxated. This does a great job of educating that health is Not how they “Feel” but how the FUNction!
    This is also a referral tool. Once they see other EFFECTs of Subluxation the new member knows someone that is struggling with a specific area of their health.

  15. drjulia

    Patients are able to easily relate to these handouts! This is one of the best investments we’ve ever made!

  16. Krysti (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine practicing without the Fuse Box handout! Not only is this one of the most important educational tools we use, being able to customize it to each patient has been a pivotal piece to each and every ROF! Thank you WAP!

  17. dynamikdc

    This is so easy to just hand to someone and share how A leads to B that leads to C etc.

  18. drjulia

    These make our report of findings EASY and our patients love them!

  19. Josh

    This a very nice and updated chart, if you do any shopping for these you will find the same ones from your great granddad’s practice that haven’t changed in years. This is a great find!

  20. Doug

    Flat out the best meric based chiropractic handout out there, clean, modern, & epic!

  21. Kip (verified owner)

    We use this handout in all of our Report of Findings with potential new practice members. It’s awesome to watch the light bulb go off in someone’s mind when they realize subluxations are the root cause of their specific chronic ailments. These handouts are a great tool to empower our patients with the knowledge they need to talk to friends and family about Chiropractic and why it works! 5 Stars!

  22. drgregory

    We love using this handout in our report and re-exam packets, finally an updated way to explain what we do!

  23. Denisa (verified owner)

    We love having this product here at Serving Life Chiropractic. We show this to all of our potential new practice members so they get a visual understanding of what our Chiropractors are actually taking care of.

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