Updated design on high quality matte paper for easier patient notes! Often referred to as the Meric Chart it is a powerful tool that helps patients connect the function of the spine, to the nervous system, to the control/coordination of tissues, organs and glands to the symptoms/conditions a patient may be experiencing.

If patients don’t understand how the health of their spine affects the health of their nervous system, and thus their overall health, they will not fully understand the purpose of chiropractic care. Works perfectly to print scans on the back of the handout for the patient – making it easy to draw personal connections during the report of findings.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in
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3 reviews for Neuro Fuse Handouts (White)

  1. Doug (verified owner)

    Flat out the best meric based chiropractic handout out there, clean, modern, & epic!

  2. Dr. Nick Goin

    Must have office form! Helps patients to get the big idea. We print the Insight Millennium scans on the back of these handouts for an awesome presentation!

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    These are great and patients love seeing the connections of the nerve system in the body – but the quality has gone down in the paper used. They used to be a great quality gloss paper and now they feel flimsy – not the same quality. Bummer.

    • Bret (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback! We loved the glossy paper stock also, but heard a lot of feedback that they were difficult to write on for important patient notes, so we switched to a different stock that prints cleanly and is easy to write on. Appreciate your support and honestly.

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