This best-selling poster now features a modern and beautiful new spine and brain image to more effectively Lead the Conversation with patients about the vital connection between their central nervous system and health. Often referred to as the Meric Chart, the Neuro Fuse design is a powerful tool that helps patients connect their systems to the central nervous system.

The layout and flow of the product helps the Chiropractor simply and effectively educate patients about the importance of the CNS and how the control and coordination of tissues, organs and glands are directly related to the symptoms/conditions a patient may be experiencing.

If patients don’t understand how the health of their spine affects the health of their nervous system, and thus their overall health, they will not fully understand the purpose of chiropractic care.

The poster was created to work in conjunction with the Neuro Fuse handouts, and many chiropractors prefer to print patient scans directly on the back of the handout for the patient – making it easy to draw personal connections during your report of findings. Also available in a smaller 18” x 24” poster size!

1 review for Neuro Fuse Poster (24×36)

  1. Sue Schroeder

    These Neuro Fuse posters are easy to understand for our patients. While briefly waiting for the doctor to come to their room for an adjustment we often find them studying these posters. They make the conversation about feeling vs function so much smoother.

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