When Drs. DD Palmer and BJ Palmer founded and developed chiropractic, they did so with a simple but incredibly deep message of chiropractic. That message was based upon the foundation of the adjustment to remove vertebral subluxations, and the role of a chiropractor as a true teacher, educating patient’s on the three different forms of stress, known as the 3T’s, that we each encounter and must also address in order to prevent subluxation from re-occurring over and over.

For too long chiropractors have mistakenly defined wellness as “getting adjusted once a week for life” and have missed out on what DD was truly teaching all the way back then, that subluxation removal combined and enhanced with wellness lifestyle education is really the only way for one to be well.

Perhaps put even better, Dr. James Chestnut states “It is possible to be well adjusted and not well, but it is impossible to be truly well if you are not well-adjusted.” No image or graphic anywhere will help you better show your patients and practice members the truth behind that statement than the Wellness and Dis-Ease Cycle hanging poster and handouts.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × .1 in

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  1. Josh (verified owner)

    Great poster for the office. Stay congruent while using an easy teaching tool that patients get.

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