A clean design to help you patients understand what to expect from care in your office. The Care Plan helps you easily explain…

  1. Patient scheduling and care plan to help them understand why you’re recommending the care plan that you are.
  2. How often do they need to visit, especially during Phase I: Repair & Restoration.
  3. Explain what this phase of care really means in terms of repairing and restoring any stress responses & symptoms they may be experiencing.

We will use an ABS/pumping the brake analogy that is congruent to chiropractic. While reviewing this handout, the doc states something along the lines of, “You’ve been stuck on the gas pedal for so long, that its going to take a little time to slow down your Central Nervous System. I’d love to be able to just come in and give you one massive adjustment – slam on the brakes – and stop the car. But that would just lock up the brakes and spin the car out of control. Instead, each visit is like ABS brakes – we’re going to pump the brakes every time you come in – which for your situation we suggest 3x a week for the first couple months. Remember what we said about nerves that fire together wire together. That’s our goal. Down the road when we get to Maintenance Care, you’re going to stay running at optimal health by just pumping the brake 1x per week.”

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