DELIVERED will help you attract your ideal pregnant patients!


The most in-depth prenatal and pregnancy program in chiropractic



Tired of getting pregnant patients with breech babies at the end of their pregnancy? Delivered is a proactive approach to building your brand within the community as the go-to expert for a healthy, natural birth. You will have patients calling your office because they want the best pregnancy and birth possible!

Do you want to build a practice full of patients you love? Delivered will help you attract your ideal pregnant patients through word of mouth. Expecting moms are your best referral source, and Delivered attendees are empowered, educated and enthusiastic about how chiropractic care can help them achieve their most exceptional pregnancy and ideal birth experience possible.

Want more referrals from other like-minded birth providers in your community? In addition to empowering new moms, Delivered also shows you how to build a network of natural birth providers and brand yourself as a prenatal chiropractor. Other birth providers love partnering with like-minded chiropractors, and Delivered shows you how.

Save time and money with proven and professional done-for-you content. Delivered has saved hundreds of chiropractors like you countless hours of time and research that it takes to create compelling content and professional graphics. The intuitive online platform was designed to efficiently guide you through all the materials and instructional videos with ease.


DELIVERED is a turnkey prenatal chiropractic program that features a stunning a done-for-you community workshop, plus over 10 hours of video content, marketing campaigns, branded social media images, and modern patient education materials to help you become the go-to prenatal care provider in your area.

The program is built around a turnkey workshop centered on educating, empowering and encouraging women to plan and enhance their pregnancy and delivery. Our goal is to help you encourage women to take the wheel on what will be one of the most meaningful journeys of their lives with the help of chiropractic care.

This stunningly modern pregnancy program was developed over a decade of experience by Dr. Ron Robinson and designed by Well Aligned. Delivered Docs get access to everything needed to help you quickly establish yourself as a prenatal expert in your community, and grow your practice with ideal patients and new families.

Watch a sneak peak of the workshop below.

I love to having the high quality of Delivered backing me up. You can trust the content and style is the best because it was created by the best :)

Dr. Stephanie Spiers​
Cincinnati, OH

Not being a year in practice, I’ve struggled to figure out how to create connections in the birth community and I knew this would help immensely.

Dr. Tom Williams
Chicago, IL

The program truly focuses on empowering the pregnant mom and what is best for her, instead of only focusing on what is best for us and our practice.

​Dr. ​Delta Stark
Madison, MS


More new patients, more pregnant moms, more referrals, and less work for you. Dr. Ron has poured his heart and soul into educating women about healthy, natural birth options – and has spent over 10 years developing and perfecting his flagship presentation DELIVERED to help hundreds of women take the wheel on their own birth experience. Now you can take advantage of all his experience and become a trusted source for all things pregnancy in your community at a fraction of the time and cost.


EDUCATE yourself & your community.

DELIVERED is an online program that allows chiropractors like you to learn best practices in an efficient way from the comfort of your home or office at a fraction of the cost of other prenatal programs.

  • Take advantage of a proven system. Don’t have time to develop your own pregnancy workshop? Don’t worry. We’ve done all the research, testing and setup work for you. Simply follow the new step-by-step online platform to immediately begin learning lessons that took Dr. Ron years to develop.
  • Learn at your own pace. Don’t take time away from your family and business. If you want to start growing your practice quickly, follow each lesson and you can confidently promote and host your first Delivered workshop effectively in as little as 30 days.
  • Become a leading prenatal expert in your community. You have information that your community needs. Chiropractic is a crucial part of maintaining proper balance of the nervous system during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. In addition to educating expecting moms in your area, DELIVERED helps you educate other birth providers about chiropractic care.

Empower yourself & expecting parents.

Unlike other chiropractic pregnancy programs, DELIVERED is centered on a mission of empowering women to achieve their ideal birth, rather than telling them what to do. Build your team, become the leader, grow your practice through more referrals. With your help, we can put chiropractic at the forefront of a healthy, natural birth.

  • Connect with other local birth providers & gain referrals. We encourage and teach Delivered Doctors to make connections with other like-minded birth providers in your area to create a collaborative team approach that benefits both expecting moms and all providers in your network. Act as the leader of the team, you get to simultaneously help more moms and and gain referrals from other providers in your area.
  • Prenatal chiropractic leads the DELIVERED story. The program is centered around chiropractic as a vital portion of a healthy pregnancy and delivery; but many moms need more. We show you methods to become mom’s co-pilot on her journey so that you can focus on what you do best – chiropractic care – and delegate nutrition, exercise, birth classes and other vital components of a healthy pregnancy to other local experts.
  • Connect with other prenatal chiropractors. DELIVERED includes access to a private FB group of hundreds of other Delivered Doctors so that you get all the latest news, research and practical tips about prenatal chiropractic in real-time.

ENHANCE your practice & birth outcomes for others.

We partnered with Dr. Ron to bring his creation to life with the most beautiful presentation in chiropractic; and the workshop is supported by patient education products, hours training videos, and everything needed to make DELIVERED completely plug-and-play in your practice.

  • Present with incredible style and effectiveness. We spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating the DELIVERED workshop so that you don’t have to. There is nothing like it in the profession. The organization of the story is designed to speak directly to expecting moms, and the stunning graphics will help you establish credibility with style and convert more attendees to new patients.
  • Modern patient education products available. You get more from DELIVERED than other prenatal program. That’s because we’ve created a full suite of products to help you market your workshops, educate your new patients throughout their pregnancy, and boost both referrals and retention in your community. The products aren’t just designed to help you serve more pregnant women – they’ll also help you serve more newborn kiddos, postpartum moms, and entire families.
  • Prenatal branding and marketing campaigns. While DELIVERED is not a marketing program, we give you some great materials to get started. Gain access to social media images, workshop marketing videos, and a handful of complete marketing campaigns to help you get started. And the connection with other Delivered Doctors is a great resource to ask questions and share best practices to keep ahead of ever-changing marketing trends.



We’ve combined over 10 years of experience and created a turnkey program that you can start implementing to build your practice immediately. Save yourself the time of developing everything from scratch with this proven system.

  • A stunning, done-for-you PowerPoint. At the core of DELIVERED is a stunningly modern and impressive 50-slide presentation. Fully turnkey & professionally-designed PowerPoint is the most impressive in the industry. Save yourself dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars compared to creating your own.
  • Over 10 hours of instructional videos.  From prenatal branding tips to a slide-by-slide workshop overview, and a complete demo video of Dr. Ron presenting DELIVERED to his community – you’ll get plenty of video content to help you learn the materials and program to make it yours. Watch at your own pace from anywhere – including your mobile device.
  • Supporting patient education products. Delivered includes exclusive digital patient education tools, and access to optional printed products from Well Aligned to help you convert and serve more expecting moms.
  • Branding and digital marketing materials. Get dozens of practice branding and digital marketing materials to help you promote and fill your local workshops. We also provide dozens of social media tools and online marketing tips to help you get started.
  • A bonus Facebook group for prenatal chiropractors. Join a community of prenatal chiropractors that do a great job engaging with each other, sharing best practices and more.

I was already speaking and networking on this topic in my community, but I wanted to save myself the time and money needed to create the branding and materials on my own.

Dr. Stephanie Perry
Bakersfield, CA

Prenatal and newborn care is my passion. Having the PowerPoint that I could implement immediately was awesome. And having a community to work with was an added bonus.

Dr. Gina Caserma
El Cajon, CA

Delivered allows me to connect and reach more prenatal practice members. It’s exciting to guide and encourage women to pursue their ideal birth, and not one that prescribed to them.

Dr. Jason Cindric
Milwaukee, WI


Simple. Just add chiropractor. Become the leading prenatal expert in your community. If you use all the resources provided, you’ll start building a thriving prenatal practice in no time.

  • Purchase Delivered here.
  • Register your license to access the online materials.
  • Join the private Facebook group of Delivered Doctors.
  • Start connecting and networking with other local birth providers.
  • Use the social media and marketing materials to promote your event.
  • Schedule your first local workshop and start growing your practice.



Delivered has been a game-changer for us at PWC. It has helped us grow our prenatal patient base and allowed us get ahead of the “Perfect Storm” for these kiddos and moms more than ever.

tony headshot
Dr. Tony Ebel
Crystal Lake, IL

I am blown away with the presentation and all the materials. I can’t thank you guys enough. Absolutely amazing work on every single aspect from the presentation to the community support!!

tony miller
Dr. Tony Miller
Downingtown, PA

This program is so powerful! The information allows me to bring attendees so much value by sharing important information and answers they are actively seeking out but have not been able to find in other, more “common” birth classes!!

Heather Steckling
Dr. Heather Steckling
Woodbury, MN