Find Your Voice

Well Aligned continues to celebrate Women’s History Month with a powerful message from Dr. Devin Vrana about grounding yourself in chiropractic, finding your voice, spreading your wings, and leading the chiropractic conversation in your community.

ACTION STEPS: Let these 3 key take-aways from Dr. Devin pollinate to help you grow in both life and practice.

  1. Get the Big Idea and plant yourself in the unshakeable truths of chiropractic roots. Dig into the Green Books and get to know our history. Know who you are and where we came from. 
  2. Spread your wings and own exactly who you are. Look in the mirror, be yourself, and love yourself. Embrace and own your authentic nature.
  3. Always lead with love, because love is always the answer. Stay above the fear, anger and sadness and embrace the divine feminine. Now is our time to shine!

“Chiropractic is it! It’s always been it. It’s up to us in this moment to elevate it, raise the bar, and take it to the next level.”

Dr. Devin

Dr. Devin Vrana and her husband, Dr. Joey Vrana, are parents of five awesome kiddos. They operate two chiropractic practices in Wichita, KS, and host an incredible chiropractic event that you don’t want to miss this September – The Big Idea.

Want more content like this? We do! At Well Aligned, we believe that NOW is the time to bring profession together with a positive message of love. In the coming months, we want to use this space to honor the chiro warriors that are coming together to help facilitate more meaningful dialogue, thought leadership, and inclusiveness in chiropractic. If you or someone you know would like to contribute, please drop us a line!

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